About Us

For 30+ years, Resource Machining and Welding headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, has fostered a reputation of providing cost-effective manufacturing solutions for new proprietary products. When partnered with Resource, we develop and operate custom production equipment that insures “on-time delivery” and “best in class” quality while recognizing the competitive edge that cost containment provides. Resource is a renowned leader in quality horizontal CNC precision stainless steel machining and manufacturing although our capabilities continue to expand each and every year. Over the years we have worked with tough to machine Hastelloy® C-276, high-speed welding, proprietary stainless steel products, and processing equipment for rubber and plastic components. Resource offers a wide range of services including but not limited to CNC precision horizontal machining, manual machining, fabrication, welding, robotic welding, engineering, reverse engineering, and design. We also offer manufacturing services for custom one-off parts. Resource Machining and Welding is dedicated to its customers and the solutions it can provide to them.

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